Creative Class 3: Getting Your Work & Yourself Out There


Are you comfortable sharing your work in public?

Whether you are yet to create a body of work or have a solid collection, getting yourself out there is key in progressing in the creative economy. This creative class focuses on you as an artist and the importance of presenting yourself and your works.

Mogan Selvakannu will share practical experience on navigating the many possible channels to create visibility for your work.

About facilitator: Mogan Selvakannu

He is a Malaysian contemporary documentary photographer and curator who communicates ideas around history, social science and human conditions.

A graduate in BA (Hons) Documentary Photography from University of South Wales, his work has been featured in various exhibitions and publications such as the BBC Creative Photography exhibition, Source Magazine's Graduate Photography Online (UK 2019), Wellcome Photography Prize (UK 2019) and Truffle Pig exhibition (London 2019).

To date Mogan has curated several photography exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Getting Yourself Out There is Part 3/3
of Banana Leaf 2020's Creative Classes

Why Join Banana Leaf's Creative Classes?

We understand times are tough. As an art collective, Banana Leaf wants to support creative practitioners. You can be any kind of creative - theatre, visual arts, poetry, photography, projection mapping, filmmaker, we consider you an artist even if you make viral memes!

We aim to share our creative process, that go beyond the application of technical skills. These are creative processes that will help you find your value in the creative ecosystem in Malaysia, and upgrade the work that you produce.

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Sun Nov 1, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MYT
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